Group Silence Darkness Retreat

Group Silence Darkness RetreatIn April 2018 we are delighted to be offering our second Group Silence Darkness Retreat, in which participants undergo deep spiritual processes in total silence AND darkness. Our wonderful retreat centre in Sasbachwalden (Germany) provides ideal conditions for this.

Here, we have excellent self-contained facilities for spiritual retreats for up to 12 people, in a totally separate part of the house which has been extensively converted and renovated for this express purpose. There are six lovely double and twin rooms, as well as a darkened seminar room and meditation room for the sole use of your group.

This type of Darkness Retreat takes place in absolute silence. The group has the opportunity to communicate at the beginning as well as the end of the retreat period. However, during the retreat itself, speaking is limited to emergency situations only. If you experience any problems, you may call for support at all times by means of an emergency bell. Apart from this, we will meet up daily for a group meditation.

In many traditions, the practice of remaining silent is a popular method for physical, mental and spiritual renewal, whereas the additional power of being in darkness too, will magnify these benefits many times, for a much deeper experience in every way!

The price for a 10-day Silence Darkness Retreat amounts to 1,570 (including 3 wholesome smoothies per day). Raw food catering is optional and may be booked for an additional €350. We use high quality organic produce and raw food products only, all of which are lovingly prepared.

The Silence Darkness Retreat takes place at our retreat centre ‘Quelle der Kraft’ (Source of Power) in Sasbachwalden, Germany from April 13, 2018 until April 22, 2018. Please use our application form for your registration.

We will gladly schedule a phone call in order to answer any remaining questions you might have.