Adishakti Christina Schmidt


My name is Christina Schmidt or Adi Shakti, how they call me here in the ashram.

Originally i am coming from here, the black forest, though my curious being has called me out into the world very soon, to travel, see various lifes, gather experiences and nourish my most inner being. As long as i can think back i had a strong call to get closer to the highest, combined with the courage to be lead by life itself i got into the craziest adventures. The desire to live to its fullest brought me to live in quite different situations and with it a lot of experiences.

Especially the birth of my daughter and being a mother give me a lot of maturity, together with the intense spiritual practices of the last years, it brought me the consciousness to stand clear and strong in my life. On this path i met a lot of different meditation techniques, which i integrated and use them today intuitively. Meditation techniques like Vipassana, chakra, travel and light-meditations, dynamic meditation in the tradition of the cashmerian shivaism, holotropique breathing,intuitive sounding, walking meditation, 5-rhythm dance and other dynamic meditations.

The steady dissolution of judgments and the devotion to the divine liberate me everyday a little more and this gives me access to my most inner being, love, intuition and  inner silence.

I love art, music, dance and theater and everything that goes with it. For me music, movement and touch are powerful tools to get into our bodies, calm the mind and break through our barriers. In a darkness retreat i am working with these tools, to open the space of silence, get processes moving and give the energies a free flow.