Premajyoti Sabrina Jung


My name is Sabrina Premajyoti Jung. I am a Yoga teacher and my interests are versatile in the laws of the universe, nature, the natural and original state of the human being and his connection to the divine.

Besides the knowledge of my yogic education, i take as well a lot of inspiration from my shamanic healing knowledge. Especially the subject of rituals and how one is creating and using them for healing and transformation. I have as well a broad range of knowledge in different fields like diet, chakras and prana. In the darkness retreat i like working with meditation, breathing exercices and relaxation techniques and of course with personal and tansformative conversations from soul to soul.

Dearly, i want to invite people to my darkness retreat, who have passed or are passing thru  difficult times in their lifes. If you have the feeling you turn in circles, feel lost and without orientation, you feel that somthing in your life is not right or goes wrong, but don’t know what exactly or how to change it. I am the right person to take care of you if you wish for clarity and you are longing for contact with your soul, god or the universal energy. As well, if you wish to come into your power and find confidence to actively create your life, i propose my acoompaniment for deep transformation.