Phase 1: Basic Training for Darkness Retreat Counsellors

Important Info:

Due to the current situation we have decided to organize the Darkness Retreat Career Training differently than in the last years.

The training will now mainly take place online, as not all interested people can come to us. After an intensive theoretical part only the practical training will be done at our place.

Please apply for the training by email with your full name, address and why you want to become a Darkness Retreat Attendant, thank you!

email address:

or via our contact form

The requirements for training remain the same:

  • Vegetarian lifestyle
  • Prior spiritual experiences by means of meditation, mantras, etc.
  • Participating in a Darkness Retreat of at least 10 days

Educational content of training in Online Seminars via Zoom

  • Historic background of Darkness Therapy
  • Physical/biochemical processes
  • Client care around the clock
  • Mindful conversations
  • Client experiences and possible reactions to Darkness Therapy
  • Basics of raw nutrition
  • Preparation of Darkness Retreat facilities
  • General organisation (registration and payment processing, introductory conversation, client support)
  • Practical training:
  • In addition, there will be homework and lessons, which are a compulsory part of the course in addition to the online seminars.

Practical training:

The practical training includes at least 72 hours in which, among other things, experience in the following activities is imparted:

  • Practical exercises on the darkness retreat rooms and around the house
  • Welcoming and organizational support of the darkness retreat guests
  • Co-care of at least 2 clients
  • Looking into the process of a darkness retreat group

Training duration & dates

7 months in total, in 14 online seminars

appointment: More dates will follow soon.

Training costs

€2.550 plus the cost of your personal Darkness Retreat.

More details, including online seminar dates, will follow shortly!

The course contents are taught in online seminars via Zoom (basic knowledge) and then in a practical training (on site in Sasbachwalden). The training price also includes participation in the raw food video course, which teaches the necessary basics about the best possible nutrition in the dark retreat.

Trainees who have already experienced a Darkness Retreat in the past, are advised to participate in another 10 day retreat, this time with a special focus on our educational contents. As a prospective Darkness Retreat Counsellor, the experience will be processed from a whole new perspective and self-reflection is guided by a different focus.

Upon completion of Phase 1, every participant receives a personal training certificate and will be able to organize Darkness Retreats under the supervision of Bharati Corinna Glanert. In addition, the certificate enables trainees to proceed to the second phase of the training.