Phase 2: Training for Independent Darkness Retreat Counsellors

Phase 2 Training Admission Requirements

Educational content of training

  • Reflecting on your work as a Darkness Retreat Counsellor
  • Exchanging experiences with other trainees
  • Deepening your knowledge about spiritual experiences during Darkness Retreats
  • Basic knowledge of mantras
  • Techniques for discharging negative energy (for clients and darkness retreat counsellors)
  • Internship on-site upon consultation, including at least 3 clients (minimum of 25 hours of Darkness Retreat supervision)
  • Attending a seminar about astral travel
  • Personal Darkness retreat of 14+ days

Training duration

41 hours of theory. The contents will be delivered on-site (3 weekends) and via distance learning. Plus internship.


  • exact dates to follow

Training costs

€3.700 plus the cost of your personal Darkness Retreat.

Flexible payment by installments is possible on request.

Upon successful completion of Phase 2, trainees will be able to independently organise and supervise their own Darkness Retreats. If you want to organise your own retreats, it is possible to make use of our facilities in Sasbachwalden, Germany. Additional supervision by Bharati is also possible.

We are looking for an intensive long-term cooperation with 2-3 well-trained Darkness Retreat Counsellors, who are interested in supervising clients in the course of the services rendered by Spiritbalance. The opportunity to join us opens after the completion of Phase 2. Subsequently, you also have the option to enter Phase 3 of our Darkness Retreat Training in order to gain advanced expert knowledge.