Jorge’s Terrific Adventure in his Darkness Retreat

Many people have participated in our Darkness Retreats,  whether in India, Columbia, and now at our wonderful retreat centre ‘Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram’, in the beautiful Black Forest region of Germany.

We are proud to present a number of videos where some our clients talk about their personal experiences, and how Darkness Retreats have affected their lives. This is Jorge’s story, what he calls “a really terrific adventure”. Enjoy!

(However, if you prefer, there is also a summary of what Jorge talks about below the video – though he speaks with such heart, feeling, passion and expression, it is well worth taking the time to watch the video 🙂 )

This is Jorge from central Mexico, and he says that his experience in the Darkness Retreat was the most marvelous experience he has had in his life. He says that as you can see, he is a young man, because he was just born yesterday, when he came out to the light, as soon as they finished the Darkness Retreat. It was the most fantastic voyage towards his inside. He never thought he could go inside of himself and it was a really fantastic experience. He says that the best thing is that now he loves himself more and that is one of the greatest things to love ourselves, because we are in a world that needs love. So if we love ourselves, we will be able to be loved by people close to us, family, friends, everybody. But first we have to have love and this is what he has from this Darkness Retreat.

Jorge says he came to it with no expectations, and the first couple of days were a little bit difficult, but then after the third or fourth day, he really started to view inside of himself. He had never really had chance to see inside of himself before and it was a great experience. Everybody should try it, at least for 2 or 3 days.

He also said that everyone all together had a really terrific adventure, they became friends in there, they learned that their senses are outside, so they were inside only with their hearts, their soul and their mind. Enjoying themselves. It was difficult of course, because they had to eat without looking at their food, so they were not very polite doing so, but everything was enjoyed.

They had a great party, the greatest party of his life, and the greatest adventure, an adventure being him, and he has been him for many years. But this time he was really able to get inside himself. He wished he could have more time, because at the end he felt a bit sad, he didn’t want to come out, he was really happy there, and with the people there too. Also Bharati and Martin were really great people. He enjoyed everything they did, even if at some times he didn’t like it. Everything was fantastic!

He would gladly do it again and as a matter of fact, he is going to build a little room in his own house where he can have a Darkness Retreat at home. That way he can do it himself and some day invite his friends for maybe half a day, two days, or whatever. But he thinks everybody should try at least one day of Darkness Retreat.

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