Josefina’s Experience of a Darkness Retreat

Many people have participated in our Darkness Retreats, whether in India, Columbia, and now at our wonderful retreat centre ‚Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram‘, in the beautiful Black Forest region of Germany.

We are proud to present a number of videos where some our clients talk about their personal experiences, and how Darkness Retreats have affected their lives. This is Josefina’s story. Enjoy!

(However, if you prefer, there is also a summary of what Josefina talks about below the video)

Josefina says that it is amazing the beautiful changes that occur within us when we come out of the Darkness Retreat. It is just like being reborn into the light that we have never been out of, we just forget how big the world is that we are living in, because we are confused by all of the shadows we are accustomed to seeing. When you do a Dark Room Retreat, shadows disappear and then you can see clearly – all of your fears, and that you live every single day with expectations. You do not wait to see what each day has to show you. You always wake up asking to be guided to what you want to see, not what you need to see. The Dark Room lets you see a completely different picture.

People go out in nature (after a retreat) and it’s as if it’s the first time to be outside, because you can feel the touch of sun on your skin, see the dew on the leaves. It’s a beautiful whole new world, all of you should have the opportunity for this rebirth.

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