Darkness Retreat Group Phoenix Program

Would you like to free yourself from the constraints of your patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour and start all over again? Do you long for a radical reorientation? Do you feel burned out and exhausted and would like to become the creator of your life again? Then the Phoenix program is just right for you.

Here you experience a deep, life-changing transformation in which you find yourself in complete darkness for 7 days to completely reassess and redesign your private and professional life. Because the retreat into the darkness belongs to the most powerful methods of self-awareness and potential development.


The Phoenix Program is named after the mythical bird Phoenix (ancient Egyptian ‘The Reborn’), who, striving for the highest, burns to arise from his own ashes in new splendour, completely regenerated and stronger than before. Symbolically we understand his “burning”, caused by his intense effort to be the “best” and shine in the sun of the world, as burn-out.

Burn-Out is defined as a process that leads to chronic exhaustion – usually in the context of extreme pressure to perform and permanent stress combined with subjective emptiness. The affected person feels burnt out in the truest sense of the word and can get into deep depression.

The Phoenix Program is aimed at people – especially at executives, decision-makers and top performers – who, like all of us, are endangered by the ‘modern’ civilizational way of life and the corresponding working conditions, burn-out, but who like to press the reset button in their lives, completely regenerate themselves, immunize themselves against burn-out and want to restructure their company, environment or organization as a whole, with the aim of recreating themselves and their company, environment or organization “like the Phoenix from the ashes” and to start a new life in new splendour, filled with powerful energy and energy.

The price for the 7-day dark retreat is 3998€ (including 1 smoothie and 1 vegetarian meal per day, daily fresh, organic fruit and nuts, water and tea supply).

The dark retreat group takes place in Almdorf Seinerzeit in Austria. Your registration will be accepted by Nina Rath, with whom I will lead the dark retreat. Also as a caretaker is Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein and my husband Martin Glanert.

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29.05 – 06.06 2021

The Phoenix program is located in the 5-star level hotel complex Almdorf Seinerzeit, consisting of 51 alpine huts and chalets in two traditional alpine villages in the UNESCO Biosphere Park Nockberge, at an altitude of 1400 m above sea level. All participants of the Phönix programme are accommodated in a luxurious alpine hut, which was built according to the highest building biology standards and thus offers a very pleasant living climate. The beds and bedrooms are made of special Swiss stone pine wood, which has been proven to relax the body, lower the heart rate and provide optimal sleeping conditions. Due to its quiet and secluded location, the stimulating high altitude climate, the high-quality alpine huts and the power of the surrounding nature and forests, the Almdorf Seinerzeit offers the ideal location for a retreat into the darkness and a profound personal transformation.