Intensive Detox Group Darkness Retreat for body and soul

In June 2018, we will be offering an intensive Detox Group Darkness Retreat at our healing environment in Sasbachwalden (Germany). Here, we have excellent self-contained facilities for spiritual retreats for up to 12 people, in a totally separate part of the house which has been extensively converted and renovated for this express purpose. There are six lovely double and twin rooms, as well as a darkened seminar room and meditation room for the sole use of your group.

During this special retreat, we will mainly focus on physical and spiritual detoxification, to help you to move towards the ultimate in health and well being on every level. Health is another word for the harmony of body, soul and spirit.

My husband Martin and I have a wealth of cleansing experience and will provide guidance during your process of bowel cleansing, fasting and detoxification. In addition, the darkness is like a mirror covered by a veil of external stimuli during our day-to-day lives. The darkness makes this veil invisible and paves the way for healing on emotional, mental and physical levels. This entire holistic experience will facilitate a journey of self-healing in which the soul is freed from anything superfluous, paving the way to reaching your ideal weight.

Shortly before your retreat, we will discuss your individual needs and personal wishes.

The price for a 10-day intensive Detox Darkness Retreat amounts to 1,570 (including 3 wholesome wild herb smoothies per day). Raw food catering is optional and may be booked for an additional €350. We use high quality organic produce and raw food products only, all of which are lovingly prepared.

The detox group experience takes place at our retreat centre ‘Quelle der Kraft’ (Source of Power) in Sasbachwalden, Germany from June 15, 2018 until June 24, 2018. Please use our booking form for your registration. Make sure to select the correct dates and also the group option.

We will gladly schedule a phone call in order to answer any remaining questions you might have.