PandoraStar Light Therapy in the Darkness Retreat

Would you like to experience a state of deeper meditation, consciously initiate astral journeys or recharge your energies? Perhaps you’d like to sleep better, learn better or remember things? Do you wish for more balance and motivation in everyday life or the activation of your third eye?
Then PandoraStar Light Therapy is for you!

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In these extraordinary sessions, strong light signals are used to awaken a series of specific brain activities in your brain. Through the very intense flickering kaleidoscope-like light in different frequencies you can achieve the activation of certain states of consciousness.

As you lie below it with your eyes closed, you are transported into a wonderful virtual reality of colors and shapes. Some programs are accompanied by music that further enhances the effectiveness of light therapy. Users report that light therapy with the PandoraStar is a gateway to true magic. The experience itself was a lot of fun and left a lasting impression.

The device can be set to any frequency between 0.1 Hz and 200 Hz. At a certain level the DMT production is stimulated which activates the pineal gland. The rhythmic and intense light stimulates strong, temporary EEG brain wave patterns that would normally only occur after several years of meditation practice. Even meditation beginners will quickly experience a state of deep relaxation and even true kaleidoscopic color patterns and psychedelic images.

Here is an overview of the different programs with which you can realize conscious expansion and self-healing experiences.

Costs per session:

60€ for a short session up to 30 minutes
Longer sessions can be arranged at any time.

Spiritbalance – Get a glimpse of our Darkness Retreat Center

After a lot of request from our beloved followers, I want to present you this beautiful video in which you can get a glimpse of our Darkness Retreat Center in the Black Forest, Sasbachwalden, Germany 🌄

Where should I do my Darkness Retreat? – We reveal the keys to choose the right place

What should you consider when choosing the right place to do a Darkness Retreat? In this video, we will review the factors that you have to take into account before deciding on a place to make your Darkness Retreat ⭐💫.

What do you actually do in a Darkness Retreat ? – Understand finally what awaits you

What do you actually do in a Darkness Retreat ⭐💫?
You go into the darkness and there is nothing else than darkness and you. A truly meeting with yourself, without distractions, without escape✨. Then a process starts to unfold, but is not a process guided by the outside, like a meditation or a yoga retreat, it is fully guided by your interior, by your soul, by your true being.

Why is our Darkness Retreat Center so special? – Discover its magic in this video

How is our Darkness Retreat Center? What makes it so special? ✨

In this video, I want to show you what is so special about our spiritual retreat centre, specialized in Darkness Retreats. It is located in the deepest part of the Black Forest, South Germany 🍃🌿. Surrounded by the lushest nature, it gives the environment a magical and pure energetic vibration, which has a direct impact on the customer’s experience.

How long a Darkness Retreat should be? – Finally, the answer that you were waiting for

In this video, we will answer one of the most asked questions by our clients. How many days should I be doing my Darkness Retreat⭐💫?
To answer this dilemma, it is necessary to understand the process of Darkness Retreat as a journey into the depths of our being, which would be divided into layers ✨. As we invest more time and effort in this experience, we are removing layers to reach the most unconscious part of ourselves, the one that plays a decisive role in the way we deal with life.

Many people are contacting us for the Darkness Retreat

We are so happy to fill this new place with deep liveliness and beautiful spiritual experiences. We are building up vibrations. We are renovating this house with our souls, full of details and powerful objects that keep the energy high and allow our inner power to grow and to shine.

Marek Malůš PhD – Researcher into Dark Therapy in the Czech Republic

Marek Malůš - Dark Therapy - Czech RepublicIn a previous post, we focused on the research being carried out by Marek Malůš PhD on Dark Therapy in the Czech Republic (known there as ‘Terapie Tmou’). In this post we decided to look into the man himself, and where this all started.

Marek Malůš PhD is currently the assistant professor of the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy in Ostrava, Czech Republic. He is professionally focused on researching the effects of sensory deprivation on the human body, or what he calls Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST), in particular when external stimulation is restricted through a stay in the dark, otherwise known in mainstream circles as Dark or Darkness Therapy.

He received his PhD at Palacký University, Olomouc which was where he first began his studies into REST in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Between 2010-2013, Marek collaborated with Czech Darkness Therapy expert, Dr. Andrew Urbiš at the Beskydské Rehabilitation Center in Celadna, in order to study 37 of their clients whilst they were engaged in a 7 day Darkness Retreat.

According to one source, they used “questionnaires and surveys including the Existence Scale, the Five Facets Mindfulness Questionnaire, the Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale and The Symptom Checklist 90” to collect relevant data. Of particular interest was the affect this had on altered states of consciousness, as well the role of the pineal gland and the hormone ‘melatonin’.

In 2015 he began the next phase of his research, in collaboration with the Darkness Therapy Centre in Kozlovice, which you can read more about HERE, which also then began to look at more psycho-physiological effects of stays in darkness on the body, not just psychological. Marek has completed 3 Darkness Retreats himself, over the course of 3, 7 and 14 days.

Despite the ever increasing popularity of Dark or Darkness Therapy in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, little research seems to have been done outside of these countries, except that carried out in the 1970s in the US. As a result, Marek has been invited to present his findings both in the Czech Republic and abroad, including at the world’s leading conferences focused on methods of limited external stimulation at the Universities of Portland, USA and Vancouver, Canada. Here is a video of Marek’s presentation at the FLOAT Conference in Portland in 2015.

In his presentation, Marek discusses whether ‘Dark Therapy’ is actually in fact a therapy. He says it is difficult to say positively, because the term is not scientifically appropriate. Many people think of it as a treatment or self-treatment, but in Marek’s view it is “A special place and space suitable for therapeutic process, which enables, affects and catalyzes our ability to get more in touch with both our conscious and unconscious part of ourselves.”

However, it has been difficult to find out what the specific findings were of Marek’s earlier studies, due to it being in Czech and as yet, the results and analysis from the research carried out in 2015 remains unpublished. As soon as they are available, we will be sure to let you know.

You can find out more about Marek and how to contact him at:


Research into Dark Therapy on the Human Body, in the Czech Republic

Darkness Therapy Research, Czech RepublicThe Dark Therapy Centre run by Roman Bartak in Kozlovice (Czech Republic), specialises in providing what they call Dark Therapy (Terapie Tmou) as a service, as well as being the sole provider in the country which focuses on carrying out research into the effects of prolonged periods in the dark on the human body.

Initially this research was carried out in cooperation with the Department of Psychology of the University of Olomouc, then later with the Department of Psychology and the Institute of Physiology and Patho-physiology, of the University of Ostrava (both in the Czech Republic). To begin with, research was carried out with students of psychology and related disciplines over a period of 2 and then 3 days. However, since 2015 it has also been carried out with actual Dark Therapy clients, on a voluntary basis, and in 2016 the researchers extended their study to test the effects of up to 4 days in the dark.

The ‘Dark Therapy’ research is led by Marek Malůš PhD, assistant professor of the Department of Psychology Faculty of Philosophy in Ostrava, who completed several darkness retreats himself to inform his study. This is a unique global study, which builds on research that was started in the 1970s in the US, and extends to the areas of both psycho-physiology and physiology.

The research objectives are focused on several areas of human psychology and physiology, in order to measure the changes which take place as a result of the participant’s stay in the dark, based on the results of tests taken before and after the stay.

The psychological studies monitor cognitive function (a total of 12 tests). These include, in addition to memory and concentration, attention, language function, speed of thinking and the ability to understand information.

The executive functions include the ability to assess and problem solving, planning and organization. Further parameters are monitored based on the participant’s personality, as well as motivational and experiential characteristics, including the assessment of the advantages/disadvantages stemming from the participants.

In contrast, the physiological studies are investigating the psycho-physiological effects of processes, basic blood counts and the effect on the human eye (a total of eight tests). Attention is focused on the measurement of ECG, heart rate and its variability, blood pressure, and the detected change in weight. Whilst monitoring the human eye, they measure visual acuity, color vision and the quality of peripheral vision.

The outcomes of this extensive study are currently not yet known because evaluation and analysis of the results are still pending. Preliminary results show however (as you might expect), that the four-day stays are already showing more fundamental changes than shorter stays, including positive shifts occurring in cognitive functions, heartbeat and also improving eyesight.

You can find out more at

Dr. Andrew Urbiš – Darkness Therapy Expert, Czech Republic

dr-andrew-urbis-terapie-tmou-czech-republicDr. Andrew Urbiš is a highly regarded psychologist from the Czech Republic, with a holistic therapy clinic based at the Beskydské Rehabilitation Center in Celadna. In addition to psychology, he has also extensively studied Chinese medicine, feng shui, Tao Yin exercise and homeopathy, with his theoretical foundation being in both the Tao and quantum physics.

However, of particular interest to us is Dr. Urbiš‘ research into Darkness Retreats, which he is very well known for, especially since authoring the book ‘Terapie Tmou’ (translated as ‘Darkness Therapy’), in 2012.

Part of his research involved Dr. Urbiš participating in 3 different Darkness Retreats himself, varying from 10 to 50 days. The reason for such an extended duration for the latter was because in Tibet, where he says Darkness Therapy (they call it yang-ti) is said to have originated from, the ancient monks regularly retreated into dark underground vaults for 49 days, and he wanted to put it to the test himself, and see what benefits it would bring.

Apparently it was Dr. Helmut Kalweit who introduced Darkness Therapy to the Europeans, initially in Germany, but he predominantly focused on the spiritual and sensory processes on the psyche, such as the subconscious and so on. However, despite Dr. Andrew Urbiš being a psychologist himself, much of his own work has also focused on the healing impact of a prolonged stay in darkness on physiological problems of the body, as well as the mind and soul.

He describes the body as being a universal energy system, whose components connect and interact. So in other words, anything affecting the psyche impacts the physical body and vice versa. He says that discord and disharmony in one part of the system causes a mismatch in all other part of the body, which is why you have to look at the whole person, not just one part of the system.

Some of the benefits Dr. Urbiš believes Darkness Therapy/Terapie-tmou has are:

  • Production of the anti-oxidant hormone ‘melatonin’ which can help prevent some types of cancer;
  • Bringing the body back in harmony with nature;
  • Healing skin diseases;
  • Space to realise what is most important in life;
  • Reducing stress and calming the body, mind and soul, whilst slowing the pace of life.

According to the BRC clinic’s website Darkness Therapy/Terapie-tmou is also effective in:

  • The prevention of lifestyle diseases – oncological diseases and metabolic disorders, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, vascular and cerebral incidents, burnout and fatigue syndrome (CFS);
  • Regenerating the psyche, through releasing old stored trauma and soothing a disturbed, uncertain mind, helping to treat personal problems;
  • Heightening the senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste);
  • Allowing for the development of creativity, imagination, and various internal experiences that are under normal circumstances may have been subdued.

Below is a short documentary made by Czech television about Dr. Andrew Urbiš and his work in Darkness Therapy/Terapie-tmou (with English subtitles) if you would like to know more, as well a video diary of a Czech TV reporter and film director called Silvie Dymáková, who spent 7 days at Dr. Urbiš darkness facility at the Beskydské Rehabilitation Center in Celadna, called Vila Mátma (literally means ‘My Darkness’), who was also involved in the making of the follow up documentary. The video diary begins from her 3rd day, after she slept for the first 2. (She won the Czech Lion Award for the documentary.)

Finally, to find out more about how to work with Dr. Andrew Alois Urbiš go to

A Darkness Retreat Near You, and Training

Many people have been contacting us, interested in Darkness Retreats, whether that is coming to our wonderful new retreat centre ‘Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram’ in the beautiful Black Forest region in Germany, or inquiring as to whether we can host a retreat near you in your own country, or even about training you to host Darkness Retreats for yourself.

So in this video I (Bharati), tell you a little bit more about how all of that can work and what is coming. You’ll also get a sneak peek into the renovation work that was carried out earlier in 2016 to create our Temple Room, which is now complete and we are delighted with it. If you have any inquiries about any of this, please have a browse through our website, and then get in touch. We are always happy to hear from you!

Practical Questions About Doing a Darkness Retreat

Many people have all kinds of questions about the practical aspects of doing a Darkness Retreat, including what happens within one, food and eating, if you take medication, contact with the outside world, what to bring, going to the toilet in the dark and so much more.

In this video Bharati answers many of the common questions that get asked. More information is also provided on our Procedure page, as well as our FAQ section.

However, if you still have additional things to ask, when making a decision whether this is the right place for you to come or what to expect, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to hear from you with any questions or concerns you might have!

Please note: Bharati speaks a lot about Darkness Retreats in India. Although it is still potentially possible to do a retreat with us in India, or anywhere else you choose, our primary base is now at our wonderful new retreat centre ‘Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram’ in Sasbachwalden, a really beautiful natural part of the Black Forest in Southern Germany.

Bharati also mentioned about bringing your own eye mask. Whilst of course you are always welcome to bring your own if preferred, we do now supply an excellent mask for you to use whilst you are here, which enables you to comfortably have your eyes open or closed when wearing it.

Spiritual Experiences in a Darkness Retreat

Watch as Martin Glanert, (Bharati’s husband and a Darkness Retreat Counsellor himself) talks about spiritual practices, and the kind of spiritual experiences people might have during their Darkness Retreat. Enjoy!

(However, if you prefer, there is also a summary of what Martin talks about below the video)

Martin has just finished a 10-day Darkness Retreat, and he shares all that can happen within one (not, not all of this happened to him in his Retreat – his summary is based both on his own experience and that of other Retreat guests who have shared their what happened for them with us). Your personal experience can depend on how long you are in the Darkness Retreat for, how much meditation you have done before, and how intensively you are present in the Darkness Retreat; what your aim is for doing one.

Some people just want to get away from their busy lives and relax in the darkness, and that’s OK. Even they can still have spiritual experiences during their Retreat. However, there are also those who really long to experience the Divine and want deeper spiritual experiences. So in those cases, we chant mantras with our guests and meditate together, which increases the speed of everything happening.

So what can happen? After a few days, you start to recognise that even in absolute darkness, it’s not completely dark. As your eyes start to adjust, the black turns to grey and you begin to see material things and non-material things. That’s the idea of Darkness Retreats – normally you rely on your visual senses throughout your daily life – 80% of information comes through your visual senses, and so when you block that, you have no way of looking at life how you usually do. So then astral dimensions start to emerge, because the gap between the two realities gets smaller the longer you are in the Retreat. Then you may start to see lights, sense energy and even potentially hear astral sounds.

Spiritual experiences in a Darkness Retreat Bharati Corinne GlanertOur guests are actually given the option of having a mirror in their room, as it can act as a gateway to other dimensions, so it’s much easier to see the light and hear the sounds with one. Though some people can be a little scared by that thought, which is why it is optional. So as mentioned, within a few days, the ‘astral disco’ often begins – lights of different colours, shapes and intensity. In that way, the darkness goes away. Every brain interprets things differently, because the astral dimension is very different from our human one, so each of us makes our own interpretation.

A big goal for many participants is to have an astral being come and give Darshan in physical form, and most guests who have stayed for a longer period of time (at least 6-7 days) have that experience. One such time was with a guest who rang the bell for someone to come (all guests have a bell to ring, to access support and/or to share their experiences at any time of day or night) and as Bharati arrived, she saw a purple light shining out from under the door of the guest’s Darkness Retreat room. Apparently he had seen a short man with a white scarf around his head, and a very soft face. Later, we showed him a painting of Vallala Ramalinga, and he confirmed it had been him. This can be a very beautiful and heart-opening experience.

Why do these spiritual experiences  happen in the darkness? Because once we let go of the visual sense, we also let go of the concept of the outer world. We come back to what is within us, that Divine source of information and knowledge. We understand things more clearly, have insights about ourselves and our heart opens, because it is easier for other souls to connect with us when we are in that state, and share their wisdom.

We are happy to connect you with other people who have completed a Retreat with us, even those who had no spiritual background, to share details of their experiences with you. However, the only true way is to experience it for yourself, because belief about certain things can only take you so far. So if you would like to know more about doing a Darkness Retreat for yourself, please contact us, we are more than happy to answer all of your questions.

The Secret of Darkness Retreats

What is a Darkness Retreat? How does it work? How do participants experience their time in the darkness?

Watch as Martin and Bharati talk about Darkness Retreats and their personal experience of them:

(However, if you prefer, there is also a condensed summary of what they talk about below the video)

A Darkness Retreat is a very special form of meditation, considered to be a shortcut to enlightenment, used by many cultures. Many of the experiences we will be telling you about come from Darkness Retreats of 10 or 15 days, or even longer, when you don’t even need to meditate, the guru is the darkness, the darkness is the guru. The meaning of the word ‘guru’ comes from India, and doesn’t just mean ‘spiritual teacher’ but also ‘the energy that brings the light’. And that’s exactly what a Darkness Retreat does, paradoxically – it brings the light.

During their Retreat, many people physically see lights with their eyes, and they say the dark gets lighter. During the first few days, the mind can often be busy, and doesn’t accept the darkness, which is why we recommend Retreats of more than 7 days, which gives the mind time to quieten down, and the dark can show you beautiful effects.

Martin and I have two places we can host Darkness Retreats, our main retreat centre in Germany, called ‘Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram’ where we have six rooms for Darkness Retreats, as well as an Ashram that we can use in India. We also ‘travel on command’ to work with groups in other countries. Martin always says that when working with people, Bharati is for the soul, and he is for the mind (he studied psychology), so they make a good team.

He says that in the darkness, everything gets shut out and your normal way of perceiving the world from the outside, is not possible any more through your visual senses – 80% of sensory information we receive is through our visual senses – so when that is shut out, the brain starts searching for information everywhere (it is an information machine). When it can’t find it outside, it turns inside, which has a very profound impact on the mind, as well as body and soul.

So when people come to us for a Darkness Retreat, we talk to them and offer our support 1:1. We currently have a woman in a Darkness Retreat called Rosita, who has been meditating for a long time, and had spiritual experiences even from her first day, whereas for some people it takes 3-4 days, or even longer for that to happen. So when your physical eyes are shut off, eventually your third eye opens instead, and you are able to have glimpses of other energies and the spiritual world. Those people who have meditated a lot often have those experiences sooner. Though even people who haven’t meditated still have powerful experiences. The experience of time itself can also change, often feeling like it has speeded up.

Often when you let go of your goals of what you want to achieve or experience, the guidance of the darkness, the guru itself, can take you to where you need to go inside. It can be like an internal reset.

Bharati says she becomes very sensitive when guests are in a Darkness Retreat, often sensing when someone might need her to talk to them, or even having dreams about the guest and what is coming up for them. All kinds of things can come up to be released, which is why it is important to have someone to talk to. So we always have someone available 24/7, you just need to ring the little bell that is provided to each guest. Though some people prefer for their Darkness Retreat Counsellor to come at a pre-agreed time every day for an hour, and if something comes up outside of that time, they’ll deal with it themselves. Though they know there is still always someone on call if need be.

There are no set experiences we can say you will definitely experience, because it is different for everyone. Though it can really depend on how open you are to it, how much you are willing to go into it and allow the energy to show you the path. Don’t hold on, and release your expectations, as this creates spiritual tension – just let go. The more you relax, the more you can experience the spiritual vibrations.

The impact can last much longer than just your time in the Darkness Retreat too, it can change something deep within you. Which is why we recommend you don’t immediately return to your ‘normal life’ afterwards, but take some time to assimilate what has happened. In the dark, you become very sensitive. You are like a baby in the womb and are born again. Everything looks so different. You also see so much more beauty and intensity (such as colours) in the world once you come out. You might also be very sensitive to noise.

It’s like seeing things in a completely different light, and you look with your heart rather than just your eyes. Sometimes it’s difficult to say whether the greatest bliss comes from the experiences in the dark, or from those when you come out, because they are so amazing. People can be more sensitive to taste, to friends, to situations and you listen to your soul more, without running so much through your mind. Many people become much more psychic during their retreat, and for some that ability remains afterwards.

After a while in the darkness, you get so used to seeing or perceiving in a different way, that sometimes you don’t even realise that you are seeing something you wouldn’t usually see. For some people it can initially be quite hard to accept what is going on and may feel quite frightening; to realise you’re not alone, to have energy all around you, to hear sounds, to see light around you where there couldn’t be any light, so it’s important to have someone with you to tell you that’s normal, that it’s a good sign and you can relax, to accept the gift the darkness has for you. It washes out our system and our aura, so it’s important to trust our energy system and the process.

One of the group retreats Bharati offers in Germany is about astral travel (or astral projection). She has been studying it for many years, ever since she had her own experience a long time ago, before she even knew anything about it. Then when she did her own Darkness Retreat, she had an out of body experience on the first night. So she says it is very useful to do certain techniques in the Retreat if you are looking for a short cut to astral projection, which she can go through with you.

Food can also play an important role in your Darkness Retreat. Food can ground you and sometimes there are people who are always hungry in their retreat, and then there are some who just want to fast (having solely water and herbal tea, maybe smoothies and juices too). So when fasting, their body becomes even more light, their body becomes clear. (Note – when the video was made, we mentioned we only served vegetarian food, however now we only serve raw vegan food at our new retreat centre in Sasbachwalden.) A lot of people come to really like the raw food, because they are eating with their taste buds and not their eyes (not that raw food doesn’t look good, on the contrary, with all of the different colours it can look amazing! However, in the dark, people cannot determine what it is they are eating to make any judgements about it, they just know how it tastes and feels in their body).

Raw food can really help you to detox – in the Darkness Retreat you are detoxing your body, your belief systems, the world. For many people, their allergies also stop. When you fast or eat raw food, it makes it much easier for your soul to connect with the energies of the darkness. Our guests are given the option of having an aura photograph taken, before and after their Retreat, which can show an incredible transformation in how the energy has cleared and in that time.

We work with you to decide the best route for you with your food. Some people also bring their own special tea or other things that they want to be served with, and that’s OK. In fact, people often ask what they should bring for their Retreat and we say to bring whatever makes you feel comfortable, whether that’s your own pillow or towel, or something more personal that supports you in this process.

You can also do a retreat in a couple or a small group (everyone has their own room, but there’s also a communal dark room where we can meet to do meditations). In these event we often chant mantras, including a special one to us, that brings in the highest light and love. The words are Arut Perum Jothi, Arut Perum Jothi, Thani Perum Karunai, Arut Perum Jothi.’ (They mean Vast Grace-Light, Vast Grace-Light, Supreme Compassion,Vast Grace-Light). There is also an ‘OM’ box in the meditation room (and in guest bedrooms) that chants OM, which creates a beautiful energy in the room and calms you down.

So in summary, the main reasons for doing a Darkness Retreat are that you centre yourself, you really come to your true being, who you are. You get to experience that you’re not your body – this isn’t something you can know just with your mind. You can’t experience enlightenment with your mind. Astral projection and seeing astral beings might be one stage of enlightenment. People can also have great soul healings connected to events from the past. It’s a reset. Often times the benefits only really show themselves some time later, and maybe with a spiritual consciousness they didn’t have before. The energy doesn’t stop when you walk out the door.

We gave you a lot of information, but if you still have questions, or would like to speak to us about doing your own Darkness Retreat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.