PandoraStar Light Therapy in the Darkness Retreat

Would you like to experience a state of deeper meditation, consciously initiate astral journeys or recharge your energies? Perhaps you’d like to sleep better, learn better or remember things? Do you wish for more balance and motivation in everyday life or the activation of your third eye?
Then PandoraStar Light Therapy is for you!

Watch the videos of us about the PandoraStar directly here

In these extraordinary sessions, strong light signals are used to awaken a series of specific brain activities in your brain. Through the very intense flickering kaleidoscope-like light in different frequencies you can achieve the activation of certain states of consciousness.

As you lie below it with your eyes closed, you are transported into a wonderful virtual reality of colors and shapes. Some programs are accompanied by music that further enhances the effectiveness of light therapy. Users report that light therapy with the PandoraStar is a gateway to true magic. The experience itself was a lot of fun and left a lasting impression.

The device can be set to any frequency between 0.1 Hz and 200 Hz. At a certain level the DMT production is stimulated which activates the pineal gland. The rhythmic and intense light stimulates strong, temporary EEG brain wave patterns that would normally only occur after several years of meditation practice. Even meditation beginners will quickly experience a state of deep relaxation and even true kaleidoscopic color patterns and psychedelic images.

Here is an overview of the different programs with which you can realize conscious expansion and self-healing experiences.

Costs per session:

60€ for a short session up to 30 minutes
Longer sessions can be arranged at any time.

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