Our Extra Services

Extra services massageThe following extra services are not included in our daily rates, but are very popular with our guests.

Here are some of the highlights we have to offer:

Additional overnight stays before and after your retreat

You’d like to come a night early or stay with us after for a while after your retreat? You are free to stay longer, of course:

Rates per night/person

€47 Single room

Aura Photography & Aura CounselingExtra aservice aura reading

Many of our guests have their aura photo taken before and after the Darkness Retreat. For this purpose, we have a special camera which shows your complete Aura on a computer screen. This serves as a wonderful introduction to your process of change in the darkness, as well as a visual representation of your transformation. After some intense energy work in the dark, the aura changes significantly for most people. Prices here

Darkness Retreats Extra services massage
Darkness Retreats Extra services massage


There’s nothing as pleasant as a nice massage in the dark. In cooperation with our talented masseuses, we offer relaxing massages during your time in the darkness. Prices here

Singing Bowl Massage

The vibrations and sounds created by the Tibetan singing bowl are particularly intense in the darkness. Enjoy this wonderful experience during your retreat. Prices here

Tam Tam Gong Sessions

The sound of the Gong is the sound of the truth, of the universe. Meditating on this primordial sound is merging with divinity and being reborn as a new human being. If you want to live a transformative sonic immersion, which will help you to illuminate the most hidden parts of your being, book a session during your Darkness Retreat and feel the ancestral power of our Gong in your own skin. An experience you will never forget.
Prices here

Extra services mala beads, power objectsPrayer Chains, Mala Beads, Power Objects

If you feel the desire to use a prayer chain, mala beads or a different power object (e.g. Shiva Lingam), we have various items available in our small shop here at the retreat centre, or alternatively you can buy them from our spiritual online shop before you arrive. Some of the more powerful objects are not for sale, but will be utilised by Bharati during your spiritual work in the dark. Spiritbalance-Shop

Chocolate & Sweets (;

We really love raw chocolate. And raw food bars. In short, we have a penchant for all the delicious raw sweets you could think of. If you desire something sweet, we can help you out in no time.

Message Centre

Sometimes, people may want to send a message to a guest during their Darkness Retreat, or a situation arises that inevitably requires some form of communication with the outside world. In this case, we will be happy to take care of your phone calls and E-Mails.

Train Station Transfer

Although there is a bus service to Sasbachwalden from Achern train station (Achern Hauptbahnhof/HBF), there is a 15-20 minute walk uphill to our retreat centre from the bus stop (Sasbachwalden Straubenhöfen). If you prefer a more direct transfer to our location, we would be happy to call you a taxi.

Darkness Retreat extra servicesLaundry Services

If you choose to stay for a longer period of time, we will be happy to do the laundry for you. We only use biological detergents, so your freshly cleaned clothes will have a wonderful fragrance. Prices here