Sabine Klüver


My name is Sabine Klüver. I have a daughter and two grand-children, originally i am from Lübeck, i moved to the south of Germany in 2012.

Bevor i began to work with Bharati, i have years of experience as a secratary and so i could use these skills and abilities once i started my work for spiritbalance. Since 2011 i am taking care of the spiritbalance shop, have worked on flyers, creating texts and organised numerous workshops and events.

I have already been interested in spiritual subjects for some years until my path brought me to india for the first time in 2004. There, I got a lot of knowledge about Mantras, Yantras, energetical processes and the work with healing energies, which i now actively use in the darkness retreat work. I am supporting Bharati from the beginning on in accompanying darkness retreats which permitted me to gain a lot of experience.

My own darkness retreat has been full of positive surprises, which i haven’t been able to imagine beforehand. I dearly recommend a darkness to everyone who wants to evolve on the spiritual path or dissolve deep issues.
For this i will accompany you with my heart, and support you with a lot of warmth and empathy. I’ld like to come in for a session with singing bowls, working on your chakras or for a deep relaxation. I have a lot of knowledge about power objects and we can work out together which Mantras will support you ideally in your process.