Stefan Berns


I am Stefan Berns, 45 years young and i have found my life-base on the beautiful sunny island Cyprus.

Since 25 years i am interested in personal growth, spirituality and consciousness. Through seminars, coachings and my ongoing personal evolution i got myself a wide knowledge about the conscious and universal laws. I am a graduated trainer, coach and seminar leader. Through intense spiritual experiences and processes in India and Egypt in the year 2012, i am more and more active as a healer and  spiritual compagnon.

This might be through healing hypnosis, accompanying darkness retreats, reinkarnation or regression sessions. Another really effective way i am using in my spiritual work is the communication with the Akasha Chronik and energetic healing. Through my own darkness retreat i have been able to experience myself the deeply transformative power of this great form of soulwork.

In a darkeness retreat you have the possibility to get through to your true state of BEING and to connect to your soul. On one side i have decades of experience as an entrepreneur, trainer and coach in this time i developed and gained the ability to listen, coach and accompagny people in a loving way. A desire of my heart is to bring people into self-mastery, to inspire them and to show them their own greatness as a divine, spiritual being.