Darkness Retreat

Calm your mind. Get clarity. Discover your true self.

Connect to your highest self

Deprived of all visual stimuli, your inner voice emerges. As a result, wisdom and unique truths enter your awareness during flashes of epiphany. All of a sudden, your inner knowledge becomes tangible. Decisions become easier to make as you clearly see the path laid out in front of you, and questions about life literally answer themselves.

As we manage to let go of our surroundings, we stop projecting ourselves onto the outside world and literally begin to look within. This way, it is possible to transform the Ego-Experience into simply ‘being’, which brings with it a wonderful sense of unity and ‘having arrived’.


  • clairvoyance
  • deepest peace
  • lucid dreaming
  • astral projection
  • open your third eye
  • transforming of the ego
  • higher states of consciousness

Every Experience as Unique as You

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Uniquely Qualified and Dedicated to Help You Embrace the Magical Transformation That Awaits You.

Comfortable Rooms

All of our 8 Darkness Retreat rooms have their own attached bathroom and are perfectly suited for your experience in the darkness.

Organic Foods

No matter if you are fasting, having smoothies or enjoying the delicious raw food from our famous kitchen. We will take good care of you.

Experienced Team

Our team is very experienced and highly trained. During the last 9 years we have facilitated 500+ successful retreats.

The Golden Road to Meditation

All of us have experienced a long and intense Darkness Retreat at least once – while being nurtured in our mother’s warm and comforting womb. During this experience, we were in absolute union with our mother for 9 months, peacefully merged with the universe. A Darkness Retreat often serves as a conscious reliving of this intense experience. Here, new insights arise and deep tranquility enables us to establish a connection with the soul, which speaks to us and connects to ever higher spiritual vibrations.

The darkness is a primal force aiding us in our personal and spiritual development. If we embrace it for a longer period of time, we experience an ever deeper healing, a reconnection with ourselves, the universe and higher powers. According to the pre-buddhist Bön religion in Tibet, Darkness Retreats represent the “golden road to meditation”.

Sabine Klüver



Bharati Corinna Glanert

Ready for your Darkness Retreat?

We understand that you might have a lot of questions about your darkness retreat. So we are here for you to answer them all! Send us an email or request a call-back. Or … just go ahead, check the available dates and book your own Darkness Retreat now.