Rooms for Darkness Retreat

Silent retreats

Right now we have 8 rooms available in three categories (2 single rooms, 4 double rooms and 2 triple rooms). 99% of the bookings for individual retreats are single bookings, where there is just one person per room. However, if you want to share the room with your partner or a friend we offer a 25% discount to both of you. If you are unsure what the best option is, give us a call or send us an email.

  • Price for 1 person : €99,00
  • Price for 2 persons : €171,00
  • Price for 3 persons : €204,00

Additionally we charge €39,00 for the final cleaning of the room and there is a local tourist tax of €2 per night. Check-in time starts at 2pm and check-out time is at 10am.

We reserve the right to move you to a different room category. For example if you have booked a triple room, but you are just one person – we might change your booking to a single room. If you book as a single person, you will always have the room for yourself!

Intensive Darkness Retreat with daily talk

up to 30 days: 159 €
from 31 days: 149 €
Prices are per night

Every day you will be actively supervised by one of our darkness retreat facilitators for about one hour. This support is very individual and includes, among other things, conversations, support in self-reflection, meditations, special meditation techniques and individual guidance in advanced spiritual techniques. We are guided entirely by your wishes. You choose the direction of your experience; we support you on this path.

The price also includes that there is always someone available 24 hours a day. You can reach the darkness retreat companion via the emergency bell. In addition, your room, bathroom and toilet will be cleaned regularly upon request. Some guests wish to remain completely undisturbed or only have our cleaning fairy enter their room from time to time. You can discuss all these wishes with us individually.

The flat rate for the final cleaning of each dark retreat is 39 €. Not included in the price are meals, additional talks and other special requests, such as massages.

Foods & Beverages

Due to the current situation, we ask for your understanding that we can only offer smoothies and water & tea as catering at the moment. Thank you very much!

Smoothies: 19 €
Fasting with water and tea: 8,50 €

When you arrive you will have an orientation session with one of our staff. This serves to get to know each other and also to answer all practical questions that you might have. During your Darkness Retreat you can either be silent or have a number of counseling sessions. If this is your first Darkness Retreat we recommend you to book some additional counseling sessions. Most people chose to have one session per day.

During that session we reflect on your current experiences and also help you to make sense of the emotions and pictures that come up during your retreat. We understand that the whole experience doesn’t come cheap – especially if you also need to travel to Germany with the plane. However, this is maybe a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. We have helped more than 500 people in their inner journey during the last few years. People that have additional counseling profit from it during the retreat. It’s an investment that is well worth it.

  • Cost per session (ca. 45 mins) : €180,00
  • PreBooking Special: €59,00 per session


We offer different group programs. These groups do not require individual counseling sessions (although it is possible to book them as extra), but there is a program that the group takes together. However, you can always chose to remain in silence or in your own room if you do not feel that you want to join an activity. Those activities might include groups sessions, exercises, gong-sessions and chanting mantras. Please read though the individual group pages to find out more about the groups.

10 day programs

The extra fee to join these groups is just €800, in addition to your room fee and food. So in total a normal booking for a group (9 nights, smoothies, taxes…) will be around €1980.

21 day programs

The extra fee to join this advances group is €1020, in addition to your room fee and food. So in total a normal booking for a group (20 nights, smoothies, taxes…) will be around €3300.

Aura Consultation

  • Aura Consultation (short – 30 minutes): €90
  • Aura Consultation (60 minutes): €180
  • Aura Consultation (extensive – 90 minutes): €270
  • Printed Aura image including a brief color : €5.50
  • Printed Aura image on photo paper with frame: €27
  • Aurafoto without consultation: €28

Day classes, where you can learn Aura interpretation, are also possible.  Prices for individual and Group classes are available upon request.

PandoraStar Light Therapy Sessions

Book your preferred session here, which will last up to 30 minutes, and please include the program number in brackets (S1 – S13) when booking. We will then contact you to arrange an appointment.

Further information on the individual sessions and their areas of activity can be found in this info sheet.

PandoraStar Session – short: 60€

further session offers will follow….


You are welcome to borrow a dictation machine from us to document your experiences. Here for we charge a rental fee of 2€ per day.

More Offers

Singing Bowl Massage

The vibrations and sounds created by the Tibetan singing bowl are particularly intense in the darkness. Enjoy this wonderful experience during your retreat. 1 hour € 85 / 30 min € 45

Tam Tam Gong Session

The sound of the Gong is the sound of the truth, of the universe. Meditating on this primordial sound is merging with divinity and being reborn as a new human being. If you want to live a transformative sonic immersion, which will help you to illuminate the most hidden parts of your being, book a session during your Darkness Retreat or visit and feel the ancestral power of our Gong in your own skin. An experience you will never forget.

€120 / hour or €30 / 15 minutes

A journey into the inner sounds with the soundbed

Arrive at your place, relax and be in tune.
When we rest on the sound couch, our whole body resonates when we play. The vibrations are transmitted deep into the cells and work down to the subtle level. Depending on our physical, energetic and mental state, different frequencies become audible in the form of overtones in the background.

A session on the sound-bed releases blockades and balances body and soul, invites to deep letting go, touches the heart, supports deep healing processes and opens doors to encounter oneself

€120 / hour or €30 / 15 minutes

Offers from external suppliers

Massages from our team of massage experts:

normal massage 60 min. 85,00 €
normal massage 90 min. 125,00 €