Pricing (Darkness Retreat and Catering)

Darkness Retreat with daily 1-hour conversation

Accommodation for your Darkness Retreat PLUS daily 1-hour conversation, available around the clock as requested.

  • Stay between 1 and 30 days: €145 per person, per night
  • Stay 31+ days: €133

Every day you will be actively accompanied by one of our darknessretreat counsellors. These consultations are very individual and may contain converstation, support in self refelction, meditation, special meditation techniques and individual introduction to advanced meditation techniques. Therefor we adjust us to our desires. You determine the direction of your experience yourself and we are supporting you on this path.

In the price included, that there is always someone around the clock. You may join us through an urgency bell.
If you desire your room might be cleaned regulary. Though some guests they desire to be not disturbed or they only want the cleaning fairy in their room once in a while. All these desires we might discuss together.

There is a final cleaning fee of 35€. Not included in daily prices are food, extra consultation, further special wishes, like massages or other.

Silent Retreat

Would you prefer to spend your retreat in silence? In this case, reduced prices apply. Your rate includes the accommodation for your Darkness Retreat, an introductory chat, a debriefing and a 1-hour conversation every 7 days (if desired).

  • Stay between 1 and 30 days: €99 per person, per night
  • Stay 31+ days: €89

If at some point during the retreat you feel the need for a conversation, it is always possible to book additional conversation time when you are here.

Additional calls are charged at 2€ per minute. If you press the on-call bell during your silent retreat, someone will come to your retreat. This will be billed afterwards.

Darkness Retreat Catering Prices (organic food only)

Daily Darkness Retreat rates do not include catering. I highly recommend you consider fasting during your retreat, i.e. where you solely drink juices, tea and water. However, it is also possible to have food provided as well if preferred. We serve gently prepared fresh raw food and smoothies made from Demeter-quality organic produce on a daily basis. The following rates are per person, per night:

  • Smoothies: €19
  • Raw food: €32
  • Tropical fruits (e.g. durian, chempedak, mangosteen, sapote, mango…): €43
  • Fasting on water and tea: €7,50
    Fasting on organic juices: €15,50
  • Fasting on water, tea and freshly-squeezed juices: €39

Customised package

Darkness Retreats are an exploration of inner space. They enable personal growth and represent a time of contemplation, tranquility and transformation, during which the inner light of the soul becomes ever more visible and tangible. If you want to arrive with your partner or a larger group, please contact us for a customised package.

* All prices represent daily rates including value added tax.