At our wonderful new retreat centre called ‘Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram’, we have eight rooms in their own private section, each of which have been specially converted for our Darkness Retreats. In addition to a comfortable bed, each room provides a sitting area, as well as an ensuite shower and toilet.

Our rooms were freshly renovated in May 2016, including laying an organic cork floor, which ensures a pleasant walking experience. The rooms have been completely adapted to ensure no light can filter in, in order that you have the very best experience in your Darkness Retreat.

Although bed linen and towels are provided, you may also bring your own blankets, pillows or a meditation seat if you wish. You might also want to bring your own power objects or photos for a small altar. Many of our guests like to bring something personal with them into their retreat, to make it feel more familiar and comforting.

In addition to the individual rooms, we have a darkened seminar room which is used as a group dining room and for group meditations. In this room you also have enough space to move around if you wish (e.g. yoga exercises). At your request, a mobile massage table can be set up here too, for a soothing massage. Please see our Extra Services for more details of what is available to you once you are here, to enhance your retreat experience.

I am able to serve larger groups (up to 12 people), who would like to share a Darkness Retreat together. Simply contact me for more information.

Whatever your personal wishes may be, we’ll do our best to ensure you have a wonderful stay.

(Ideally, these will be discussed during our preliminary conversation, as this way, we’ll be able to provide the greatest possible experience for you. However, we are well aware that requests arise while you are in your retreat, and we always do what we can to ensure these are met where possible.)