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Darkness Retreat Procedure

While we prefer to have an individual discussion with you if you are considering joining us for a Darkness Retreat, here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we receive:

I have heard of dark retreats, dark room/darkness therapy, Dunkelretreat and dark room enlightenment. Are they all the same thing as your Darkness Retreat?

Pretty much, yes. They are simply a different name given by different providers. You might also come across the terms Dunkelterapie, terapie-tmou, terapia-tmou and kaya kalpa retreats (terms used in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and India). However, you will find that different centres offer different levels of support, food provided, facilities and so on, so it is important to do some research before deciding where to go, to ensure your needs and desires for your Darkness Retreat are properly met.

Is there a cleaning service?

Of course. Daily cleaning of your room, bathroom and toilet is available upon request. Some guests prefer to stay isolated and some only request cleaning service from time to time.  Whatever your personal wishes may be, we’ll do our best to cater for a wonderful stay.

Is there room service for food/smoothies or tea?

Your chosen catering option, whether that be raw food, smoothies or simply tea and water will be brought up for you and placed outside your door; we do not serve the food and drinks in your actual room. This is because your privacy is well respected at all times. As soon as the food and drinks are ready for you, a bell will ring to notify you that they can be picked up at a predefined place in the corridor.

What if I would like to talk to somebody?

We will be there for you 24/7. There is an emergency bell available and one of us will be there to support you even at night, round the clock.

Can I change my meals during the Dark Retreat?

Sure – that is possible at any time.

Sometimes, such changes are part of the process you undergo. Some guests make the choice to simply fast for the remainder of their retreat, or just have smoothies, whereas others who started out fasting may begin to feel like something more substantial part way through. Please let us know during the retreat so we can ensure you have a pleasant stay.

Is there total eclipse everywhere during the Darkness Retreat (bathroom, toilet, …)?

Yes. There is complete darkness everywhere. This is absolutely crucial, because even the smallest amount of light can either become a distraction for the mind, or bring you out of your state, and then you might not experience the full benefit of your retreat. But don’t worry, our senses sharpen very quickly in the dark so that every day things, such as taking a shower, dressing and eating become easy.