Darkness Retreat Procedure

For whom is a Darkness Retreat suitable?

There are no real conditions that might prevent someone from doing a Darkness Retreat, nor are there any special conditions that we require. However, good physical and psychological shape is necessary in order to process all inner and outer experiences in the best way possible.

Darkness Therapy does not focus on individual problems, but treats participants as a unified system so they may ultimately regain a sense of belonging and being connected with the universe.

There are no standardised methods for Darkness Retreats. The path through darkness is highly individual and road maps leading through the night do not exist. You will realise that darkness itself is ‘the technique’. It is your teacher, leading the way towards healing. Being in darkness itself is ‘the way’.

Our first conversation

Before you sign up for your Darkness Retreat, it is important for us to have a conversation together. There, we will have the chance of getting acquainted and you’ll be able to ask all the questions you will no doubt have. We will talk on the phone or via Skype. For an appointment, simply contact me at info@spiritbalance.de or call +49 7841-8392417. In this first talk, we will also work out the right time for your Darkness Retreat and how long you want to stay.


After our phone call you will receive a booking receipt from our team, which you have to mail back to us with your signature. Once 50% of your participation fee has been transferred to our account, your registration is officially confirmed.

Preparation for your Darkness Retreat

Darkness Retreats require no obligatory preparation before you attend. However, we do advise you to abstain from meat, alcohol, coffee and nicotine a few days prior to your retreat. Doing this will make your Darkness Retreat as pleasant as possible, and help you to get the most from your experience.

Your arrival

Upon your arrival, Sabine will go through all the details concerning your retreat and show you to our Darkness Retreat area. There, you will have the chance to familiarise yourself with the premises. Afterwards, we will turn off the lights together with a small ceremony. This usually involves meditating by candlelight for a couple of minutes until you feel ready to extinguish the candle and receive the gift of darkness.

In the dark

While you are getting accustomed to the darkness, you will probably spend a lot of time sleeping during the first 2-3 days. After this phase, you will naturally develop your own rhythm. Most of our participants opt for a daily conversation, but some remain in silence during their whole retreat. Remarkably, simply ‘being’ instead of actively doing something can be a difficult task for many participants. After a few days, however, we rediscover our natural ability to ‘just be’. From this point on, we experience a deep tranquility and are ready for higher spiritual experiences.

Back into the light

When your retreat is over, we will gently bring you back to the light. This occurs mostly at dusk or dawn. The experience of seeing light after a few days can be overwhelmingly beautiful and very emotional. It is very important to us that you can enjoy this moment peacefully. Afterwards, most participants choose to spend some time in our calm and powerful meditation room.

Once you are back in the light, it is best to stay another day with us before going home. In this state, you are highly in tune with yourself and very sensitive. The world ‘out there’ can be quite exhausting in this situation. In addition, your body will require some time to get used to physically seeing again. Take your time in order to ensure a gentle transition between your Darkness Retreat and life after.

Darkness Retreat Trial Course

We also offer a Trial Course for people who aren’t sure whether a Darkness Retreat is the right thing for them. A Darkness Retreat comprised of 2 ½ days (over the course of a weekend) gives you a first impression of the possible spiritual experiences you may expect. The cost is €390. Catering is not included in the price. Please contact me for an appointment if you would like to discuss this option, or any other aspects of Darkness Retreats in general.