Training as a Darkness Retreat Counsellor

The aim of the Darkness Retreat Counsellor Training is to convey the knowledge and skills necessary to independently organise and supervise Darkness Retreats, while conforming to our high quality standards. Special attention is given to teaching the core essentials of psychology, as well as imparting spiritual knowledge.

The training is comprised of 3 phases:

Successful completion of Phase 1 enables trainees to carry out Darkness Retreats under supervision. After completion of Phase 2, trainees may independently organise and supervise their own Darkness Retreats.

About your Chief Instructor – Bharati Corinna Glanert

  • Repeated experience of attending Darkness Retreats herself, e.g. with Holger Kallweit.
  • Hosted multiple Single and Group Darkness Retreats in Germany, India and Columbia since 2011.

Darkness Retreat Clients

There are many reasons why people may want to participate in a Darkness Retreat. Some feel stressed out (possibly suffering from Burnout Syndrome), looking for relaxation and inspiration. Others seek to improve their spiritual development by means of sensory deprivation.

Your tasks as a Darkness Retreat Counsellor

Your tasks as a Darkness Retreat Counsellor are manifold. You are responsible for tending to the individual needs and the physical/psychological well being of your clients. Aside from that, part of your responsibility lies in organising and supervising the event, as well as the preparation of food and the retreat rooms.

Clients may be confronted with various spiritual experiences or unconscious fears during their Darkness Retreat. Upon request, there is a daily conversation about the client’s situation and any phenomena that might occur. It is your task to support the client by providing general guidance, along with instructions on meditations and mantras, to allow for a smooth and trouble-free retreat. In addition, you have to be available around the clock in order to any questions the client might have.

More information about our training as a Darkness Retreat Counsellor can be found here:

If you are interested in this training or you have any questions, feel free to make a phone call with me. You may use our contact form to do this.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Yours truly, Bharati