21-day intensive darkness retreat group for astral travel & self-awareness

This intensive darkness retreat group is suitable for you if you have already gained experience with astral journeys and would like to deepen your search for self-discovery and high-energy spiritual experiences. A stay in absolute darkness is an effective way to do this. During the darkness retreat you and the other group members will be in darkened rooms where no light can penetrate. In this way you can lose your daily focus on the outside world and turn to your own inner knowledge. When the usual external stimuli fail to appear, our inner voice becomes stronger and clearer. In the truest sense of the word there is a dialogue with the soul. After a while flashes of knowledge and visions of clarity penetrate the consciousness all by themselves, important questions in life clear up as if by themselves. In Tibet Buddhist monks traditionally spend several weeks in darkness, some even many years.

In this intensive darkness retreat group you will learn how to use other advanced exit techniques to consciously leave your body and practice them intensively together with the other participants. In addition, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the upper and lower astral worlds. Powerful mantras for yoga nidra and astral journeys will support you in your exercises and you will experience how to protect yourself from negative vibrations and beings (also in everyday life). Through the regular exchange in the group, additional intensive encounters and unpredictable insights are possible.

Our spiritual place of retreat in Sasbachwalden is perfect for this deep energy work. In our beautiful seminar house in Sasbachwalden there are a total of eight comfortable rooms in a separate wing available for darkness retreats. Each room has its own WC and shower and there are various seating options as well as a comfortable bed. You can also bring your own blankets, pillows or meditation seats. Here you can retreat and calmly re-establish contact with your inner voice. In addition, a darkened group room is available for group meetings. Of course we also take care of your healthy food and prepare rich smoothies or tasty raw food for you.

The 21 days intensive dark retreat group will take place in our seminar house Source of Power in Sasbachwalden. The cost is 3.379 € (including 3 x daily rich smoothies) in a single room.

Bring a friend, share your room with him and you will both get 25% discount on the retreat.

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