Darkness Retreats Groups

At the moment there will be no group retreats!

In addition to individual retreats, we have been offering Darkness Retreats for groups for quite some time. In the beginning, the focus was on astral travel and spiritual self-awareness. Since 2016, however, we created a number of additional groups.

The various groups focus on special topics which we found came up repeatedly during individual retreats and were experienced as especially intensive, inspiring and beneficial. Group Darkness Retreats combine experiencing the darkness with special topics and are infused by a lot of group energy. Thanks to this, Group Retreats have two special features:

  • Mirroring: During our interaction with other members of the group, we gain awareness of our own strengths and blockages. The group acts like a mirror, enabling us to consciously experience our own personality, our thoughts and emotions.
  • Group energy: Generating and maintaining strong energy levels is much easier in a group, because of the amplified field which is created. In a group setting, we may quickly experience energetic processes that require a long period of training for individual sole practitioners. By channeling our energies and using special mantras or spiritual practices, we can easily achieve high levels of energy.

These are the groups we offer at the moment: